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Makeup & Skincare Blog

Makeup & Skincare Blog

Dry? Dehydrated? Sensitve? Skin suffering from the cold weather?

Posted by Suzanne Newman on January 14, 2011 at 1:12 AM

LeMieux has the Answer!  Derma Relief Serum calms and soothes skin!  It nourishes and protects the natural moisure factor by delivering key nutrients to hydrate and protect the skin.

It is a perfect serum for daily use to calm and soothe dehydrated, damaged and sensitive skin.

Derma Relief Serum uses Natural Moisturizing Factors (NFM) that deliver key nutrients to hydrate and protect.  Gentle, it is a perfect serum for daily use and is an excellent choice for skin suffering from this cold weather, soothes irritated skin after Post Peel/Laser/ Microdermabrasion procedures. Don't WAIT!  Call Suzanne 530-259-5980

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